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SEW-2 (390F/200C) High Temperature Wire

  • Tough and Flexible high temperature wire that can withstand repeated flexing and mechanical abuse.
  • Moisture + Fray resistant
  • Asbestos Free

CONDUCTOR:   Tin-Plated Copper Stranded
INSULATION:    Extruded Silicone Rubber
JACKET:            Fiberglass Braid
COATING:          High Temperature Finish
STANDARDS:    UL3071, CSA#C22.2

Ampacity Assumptions

Conductor Temp:     150°C
Ambient Air Temp:   40°C
Ambient Air

Correction Factor

Ambient 212°F(100°C):  79%
Ambient 301°F(150°C):  50%
Ambient 355°F(180°C):  35%

Full Spool Sizes

10-20 AWG:   1000ft
6-8 AWG:        500ft